Our company’s vision is to be the identified source for the highest quality products and best customer service within our industry. Therefore, we will understand and document the requirements of our customers, then strive to consistently meet or exceed those requirements, the first time and every time. To achieve and maintain this position we will support an environment of continual improvement for our employees, products and services.

From humble beginnings over 20 years ago, MGM Products has its roots in the HVAC industry supplying everything from ductwork to roof curbs. By consistently upgrading our machinery and adding new technologies we have grown into a world class manufacturing facility focusing on accessory products for the Commercial HVAC Industry.

Our capabilities include going from coil steel to our finished products all under one roof. We manufacture and market an extensive product line labeled under the MGM Products logo which we sell through HVAC OEMs and distributors. Our goal is producing the highest quality products in the industry. Our capabilities have also allowed us to be successful as a contract manufacturer for industries outside the commercial HVAC sector.

  • Vibration Isolation

    Standard Features:

    MGM Vibration Isolation was redesigned from the ground up to be the best in the business. Have you ever had to assemble your product on site? Provide your own flex connection? Has your equipment ever tilted on an isolation assembly with no easy solution? We have you covered. Our fully assembled, fully adjustable and replaceable spring vibration isolation system comes with integrated flex connections and factory insulated deck pans. No other product offers all this in a single package. Don’t settle for less!

    Full Specifications
  • Structural and Rated Curbs

    Standard Features:

    Have you ever had an installation where the proper support was only a few inches outside the equipment footprint. How about new construction that installed purlins every 60” and your equipment only spans 50”? We have your solution. Our structural curbs can span the gap to provide a stable base for equipment. We can also provide engineering documentation and calculations required to satisfy your jobs requirements.

    Full Specifications
  • Flat and Sloped Roof Curbs

    Standard Features:

    Our flat and sloped roof curbs for new installation exceed factory specifications. We fully weld our curbs for guaranteed strength and support for your equipment. Insulated deck pans , wood nailers, pipe chases and sloped condensate pans are all provided as specified from your OEM. We can slope any curb to provide a level surface for your rooftop equipment.

    Full Specifications
  • Curbs for Metal Roofs

    Standard Features:

    Metal Roof curbs can be tough for beginners and pros alike. We have the systems and knowledge to help you provide a cost effective, leak free installation. Optional below roof support systems provide a stable structure for your installation while larger curb flanges, universal rib caps and quality fasteners and seals close your roof penetration from above. We offer options for aluminum construction and we can powder coat your curb to match the buildings color scheme.

    Full Specifications
  • Air Filtration & Distribution

    Standard Features:

    We manufacture quality products that can turn your duct work into a complete air filtration and distribution system. From simple 1” filter tracks to fully convertible MERV and HEPA filtration systems we build to meet your design requirements. Concentric diffusers and supply air only warehouse drum diffusers are some of the products we offer to distribute the air at its destination. We can help you size the diffuser to achieve the proper static pressure, noise level and throw to get the space conditioned as designed.

    Full Specifications
  • ServiceSafe Platforms and Catwalks

    Standard Features:

    If you have a tall adapter, horizontal discharge curb or a possible safety issue. We have your solution! Our ServiceSafe platforms and catwalks provide safe and convenient access to your rooftop equipment in an attractive and functional package. We design your system and preassemble to your curb in our factory to ensure a proper fit. The cantilever design eliminates additional roof penetrations. Free standing, field installed and custom applications are available. If you’re not sure, ask about our on-site consulting services.

    Full Specifications
  • Security Cages

    Standard Features:

    Designed for Architects, Engineers and Building Owners who demand an attractive solution to vandalism and copper theft. Full 360 Service Access – through uniquely integrated sliding panels, standard brick pattern – (Limitless Screen Design Options) and high strength polyester powder coating. We can match your RTU or buildings architectural design scheme.

    Full Specifications
  • Canti-Louver Panels and Screening

    Standard Features:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! But screening your equipment from view is a common practice by Architects. Our screening systems can be designed to integrate into a chiller frame, cantilever from our curb system or be a freestanding site installation. Large louvers, standard shapes and custom patterns can all be achieved on our state of the art equipment.

    Full Specifications
  • Multizone Curbs

    Standard Features:

    Our Retro-Zone Adapter is built to fit the existing factory curb and transition Supply and Return to your new HVAC unit. Working with your controls, we provide supply air zone dampers and an internal bypass to distribute the air as originally designed. Use your standard roof top package unit to solve a complex problem!

    Full Specifications
  • Adapter Curb

    Standard Features:

    Adapter Curbs have long been a staple in the commercial HVAC industry. Other than your equipment, no other product can make or break a change out like the adapter curb you choose. We build with heavier gauge steels with G90 zinc coating for superior corrosion resistance. Fully welded seams, sloped top surfaces for positive water runoff, lifting eyes and all factory specified insulated deck pans are all standard features. Options like aluminum, stainless steel and powder coating provide real added value for you and your customers.

    Full Specifications
  • Medical and Food Application Curbs

    Standard Features:

    Create a safe, clean environment for your customers. Meet stringent filtration specifications for Hospitals, Medical Offices, Food Processing and Production plants. Our Medi-Curb and Food Service filtration systems provides safe, clean air in an easy to install and attractive package. MERV 8, 14 and HEPA can be achieved. Add a magnahelic gauge with a signal and you can alert your customer to clogged filters.

    Full Specifications
  • Coil Coatings

    Standard Features:

    We provide total HVAC protection with coil coatings as well as interior and exterior panel coating. Spray and Flow applications are available to ensure 100% penetration even with thick and multi-row coil systems. Less labor and production time. Most of our coatings are environmentally friendly and water based so they can even be applied in the field!

    Full Specifications
  • Unit Modification and Contract Manufacturing

    Standard Features:

    Need something a little different? We provide minor unit modifications and additions such as sound attenuation, phase indicators and single point power connections. We also customize and prepare units for the rental industry all the way to certified ETL ratings. Servicing our customer’s needs is our primary charge. Ask about our custom enclosures and unit sections for energy recovery, fan walls and arrays.

    Full Specifications
  • Tandem Curbs

    Standard Features:

    Do you have a tonnage limit or supply chain issue for a large replacement job. Try using (2) 15 ton package units to replace a 30 ton unit! Our Tandem Adapter Curb is built to fit the existing factory curb and transition (2) Supplies and Returns to your new HVAC units. Optional backflow dampers can be used for complete redundancy applications.

    Full Specifications

  • Wind and Seismic

    Standard Features:

    Wind and Seismic ratings have been an ever increasing requirement on mechanical specifications and these requirements will continue to grow with time. We have the capability to provide an engineer approved and sealed drawing or a full blown set of calculations for your next job. Installation and attachment to structure instructions as well as required equipment hold down straps are quoted and provided. We have you covered in the 48 continental states!

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  • Paint and Powder Coating

    Standard Features:

    We offer in-house painting and powder coating in our 16’ x 14’ x 32’ booth with heated make up air and our 400 degree powder oven. We can match your equipment, an architectural scheme or do custom colors as required. Our high durability polyester powder coatings can meet stringent 2000 hour salt spray test requirements. In some applications aluminum or stainless products can be replaced with more economical coated steel.

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  • Coil Coating

    Standard Features:

    We provide total HVAC protection with coil coatings as well as interior and exterior panel coating. Spray and Flow applications are available to ensure 100% penetration even with thick and multi-row coil systems. Less labor and production time. Most of our coatings are environmentally friendly and water based so they can even be applied in the field!

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  • Engineering Services

    Standard Features:

    We offer our customers access to our engineering capabilities. If you have a specific requirement that is holding up your equipment or a complex site issue that needs an engineer’s eye we will quote options for engineering documentation and support that can help get you over the top on your next project.

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  • Field Verifications & Site Consulting

    Standard Features:

    We offer on-site measurements to assist in verifying old equipment, abnormal site conditions and to help eliminate issues with your next change out or complex installation. This service is supported by our in house team with access to the most comprehensive database of obsolete and post production equipment available. We will also quote on site consulting during installation of complex catwalk, medical filtration curbs or screening systems.

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  • Job Site Logistics

    Standard Features:

    MGM Products will coordinate your incoming equipment and curbs with the crane and installing contractor. We have multiple 24’ flatbed trucks, trailers and a boom truck to get it there on time and together. We have a fenced and security camera monitored lot to ensure your products safety while in our hands.

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  • Unit Modification and Contract Manufacturing

    Standard Features:

    Need something a little different? We provide minor unit modifications and additions such as sound attenuation, phase indicators and single point power connections. We also customize and prepare units for the rental industry all the way to certified ETL ratings. Servicing our customer’s needs is our primary charge. Ask about our custom enclosures and unit sections for energy recovery, fan walls and arrays.

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  • Wayne Raper

    Wayne Raper



    Wayne Raper is the CEO of MGM Products. Wayne has nearly 40 years’ experience with various jobs within the HVAC Industry. He started out with a family run Heating and Air Conditioning Business for 7 years which led him to an HVAC Supply House for 10 years. He also worked for Snyder General / ICP, which led him to the founding of MGM Products. Wayne is married to his lovely wife Lynn and have four beautiful girls, Laura, Kendyll, Cassidy, and Lexie.

    Hobbies: Wayne enjoys Boating, Scuba Diving, Golfing, and collecting Antique Cars.

  • Lynn Raper

    Lynn Raper



    Lynn Raper joined the MGM Products Inc. team in 2007. She has various responsibilities including customer service, employee support, marketing, and sales. Lynn is the “cheerleader” for the entire team. Prior to joining MGM Products, she graduated from Columbus State University with a degree in Exercise Science. Lynn spent 25 years in the Cardiac Rehab industry where she met her husband Wayne; together they have four daughters and 2 loyal Labrador Retrievers, Blondie and Raleigh.

    Hobbies: Lynn enjoys running, boating, scuba diving, and spending time with her family and friends.

  • Justin White

    Justin White



    Justin White took on the role as our President in 2019. He states that he is honored to take on this position and work with a superb team at MGM Products. Justin has received his MBA from The Citadel, a Doctor of Pharmacy from The Medical University of South Carolina, and a B.S. in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech. With over 13 years of experience in the healthcare arena as either a pharmacist or in management, his focus has always been to deliver quality service and provide outstanding leadership. Justin has worked for several hospital systems in South Carolina and most recently was in pharmacy management at a large system in Charleston. Justin is a dedicated leader and manager that strives for excellence. He is married to his wonderful wife, Libby and has two amazing children, Ada and Ty.

    Hobbies: In his free time, Justin enjoys Golfing, Dining Out, Stock Market, College Football, and Family Vacations.

  • Greg Walden

    Greg Walden

    Vice President and COO of MGM Products


    Greg Walden is the Vice President and COO. He joined our team in 2017 and continues to make a huge impact on our team as a whole. Greg has 30 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry. His background includes working in the comprehensive belting industry, master production planning, distribution, strategic business development, and change management. Greg expertise includes developing production strategy and leading company restructuring efforts to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

    Hobbies: One of Greg’s biggest hobbies is collecting Corvettes!

  • Ben Bergman

    Ben Bergman

    Operations Manager


    Ben Bergman joined MGM Products, as our Operations Manager, in 2019. Ben has a combined total of 15 years of experience within the construction industry, along with 6 years in the manufacturing and refrigeration industry. Ben is married to his beautiful wife, Deanna, and together they have a son named Jacob.

    Hobbies: Ben enjoys Hunting, Fishing, and watching his son wrestle and play baseball. Ben is also a huge UGA fan, “GO DAWGS!””

  • Robin Babb

    Robin Babb

    Executive Assistant


    Robin Babb serves as our Executive Assistant. She has been with us since 2010 and has a total of 39 years in the administration and service department. Robin loves her job, along with the people she works with. Before MGM, she was positioned in office administration, customer service, sales, and was a small business owner for 10 years.

    Hobbies: She enjoys being around people and having fun!

  • Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster

    Project Estimator


    Bruce Foster has been a part of our team since 2012 serving as one our Project Estimators in our Inside Sales department. He has a combined 27 years of experience in the Sales/Customer Service industry including direct sales and wholesale. His background also includes experience in marketing, advertising, and product and graphic design.

    Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, and watching Georgia baseball and football.

  • Bryan Bouysou

    Bryan Bouysou

    Project Estimator


    Bryan Bouysou joined our Customer Service department as a project estimator in 2018. Bryan has 20-plus years of sales and management experience in the transportation and rental sector. He also specializes in estimating and material take-off in the residential/light commercial steel industry.

    Hobbies: Bryan enjoys spending his free time hunting, fishing, and watching college football and soccer.

  • Jimmy Pilgrim

    Jimmy Pilgrim

    Territory Manager


    Jimmy Pilgrim joined our contract manufacturing department in 2014, after retiring from his prior career with law enforcement. Jimmy now serves as one of our territory managers. Since he has been at MGM Products, Jimmy has participated in several projects including product design and modification, contract manufacturing, along with inside and outside sales. Jimmy has always strived to perform great customer service and exceeds our customer’s expectations in each project he is involved with.

    Hobbies: Outside of work, Jimmy enjoys watching college football, riding his Harley, and spending time with his family.

  • James Heft

    James Heft

    Territory Manager


    James Heft joined our Sales department as a Territory Manager in 2019. James graduated with an MBA from Coastal Carolina University while playing football for five seasons. Prior to earning his Masters, James graduated in three years with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

    Hobbies: He likes college football, food, and listening to good music.

  • Cassidy Brown

    Cassidy Brown

    Customer Relations


    Cassidy Brown joined our Customer Relations department, specializing in Marketing, after she graduated from Clemson University in 2019. Cassidy graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, emphasizing in Entrepreneurship. Cassidy earned Dean’s List two times while attending Clemson.

    Hobbies: In her free time, she enjoys sporting events, decorating, and travelling.

  • Taylor Klepal

    Taylor Klepal

    Manager of Engineering


    Taylor Klepal joined our CAD department in 2019. He has 10 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and refrigeration industry. His background includes manufacturing refrigeration equipment, CAD design, and engineering.

    Hobbies: Taylor enjoys spending time with his remarkable wife, Brittany, and his two lovely children. Along with spending time with his family, Taylor’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, and traveling.

  • Felix Aulis

    Felix Aulis

    Senior CAD Engineer


    Felix Aulis is one of our design engineers in our CAD department. Felix has been part of the MGM team since 2015. Since he has worked for MGM Products, Felix has had experience with powder coating, coil and unit coating, assembling, and designing.

    Hobbies: In his free time, he enjoys watching soccer and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

  • Colleen Connell

    Colleen Connell

    Human Resource Administrator


    Colleen Connell has been our Human Resource Administrator since 2017. Colleen has 35 years of experience in the Customer Service department and Inside Sales with the Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Industry. Colleen states that she truly enjoys helping all the team members and being a part of the MGM family. “MGM Products is a wonderful company to work for, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I was given this wonderful opportunity.”

    Hobbies: Colleen enjoys reading, social events with friends/family, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and grandchildren.

  • Lenora Williams

    Lenora Williams

    Human Resource Department


    Lenora Williams joined our Human Resource department in 2019. Lenora has 21 years of Manufacturing and Customer Relations experience.

    Hobbies: In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and going shopping. We are glad to have Lenora on our team!

  • Mark Clement

    Mark Clement

    Operations Manager/ Contract Manufacturing


    Mark Clement is our Operations Manager/ Contract Manufacturing at our second location in Conyers, GA. Mark has seven years of Manufacturing experience with MGM Products.

    Hobbies: In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Candace and his two boys, along with fishing, watching the Atlanta Falcons and college football.

  • Jim Sack

    Jim Sack

    Quality Control Director


    Jim Sack joined our team in 2019 and is taking on the role as our Quality Control Director. Jim grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where he later received his Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University. Jim is sophisticated in the manufacturing and production industry, considering his previous roles were Delta Airlines Materials Coordinator/Planner and Scheduler, Inventory Manager of the City of Atlanta’s Department of Wastewater and Drinking water systems, Purchasing Manufacturing Planner at Cisco, and an Analyst for ARRIS group.

    Hobbies: He enjoys all sports in his free time.

  • Miles Cochran

    Miles Cochran

    Quality Control


    Miles Cochran joined our quality control department in 2019. He attended Kennesaw State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Miles contributes to the team by performing quality control inspections and keeping track of all the different products going through production.

    Hobbies: Outside of work, Miles enjoys drawing, hiking, science, computer games, and metal casting.

  • Robert Brown

    Robert Brown

    Quality Control


    Robert Brown joined our Quality Control Department in 2018. Robert has now taken on the leadership role in our Shipping Department. He oversees all the products being shipped out of our warehouse daily. Previously, Robert was the owner of Classic Flooring in Conyers, GA for 20 years.

    Hobbies: Robert enjoys spending time with family and friends.

  • Shiala Aulis

    Shiala Aulis

    Administrative Assistant


    Shiala Aulis joined our team in 2019 as our administrative assistant. Shiala has several years of customer service experience.

    Hobbies: In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, and going on walks with her husband, along with her two dogs, Chanel and Roxie.

  • Nic Toussaint

    Nic Toussaint

    Director of Maintenance


    Nic Toussaint is our Director of Maintenance and joined our team in 2018. He has a total of 7 years of experience in the Maintenance and Manufacturing industry including: High/Low Voltage Control Circuits, Pneumatics, Mechanics, Welding, CAD Design, and Management. Nic has always enjoyed understanding how things function and learning how to repair them when they break. He is thankful to have the opportunity to take his craft and turn it into a career at MGM Products.

    Hobbies: Outside of work, he enjoys Automotive Repair and Customization, Fitness, Hunting.

  • Neal Pressley

    Neal Pressley

    Accounts Payable


    Neal Pressley joined our Accounts Payable department in 2019. He is involved with our purchasing division and is eager to work with our vendors. Prior to working for MGM Products, Neal worked in the Carbon Paper Industry for a total of 18 years, which then led him into the IT business. Neal was self-employed in the IT business for a total of 22 years.

    Hobbies: Neal attends Masonic functions and enjoys spending time with his family, including seven grandchildren.

  • Matt Harris

    Matt Harris

    Operations Manager – Henderson


    Matt Harris was born in Oxford, NC and is our North Carolina Operations Manager. Matt started his career at MGM Products as an entry level welder in 2016. He was excited about his future and establishing a career with a growing company. After three years of working with MGM, he has shown the dedication, productivity, and attention to quality that promoted him to manager.

    Hobbies: Matt enjoys playing basketball engineering, producing music, and restoring his 74 Gran Torino.

  • Michele Walker

    Michele Walker

    Quality Control – North Carolina


    Michele Walker joined our Quality Control department at our North Carolina plant in 2018. Michele has 17 years of combined experience with Office Management and Customer Service. Her background includes Recruiting, Sales, Customer Service and Staffing. Michele is very passionate about her job at MGM Products.

    Hobbies: Michele’s greatest achievement are her two beautiful children. She spends her free time fishing, camping, listening to music, and anything that gives her the opportunity to be around other people and enjoy life.

  • David Bigby

    David Bigby

    Production Shift Manager


    David Bigby is the second shift Production Manager and joined our team in 2019. David has had various roles in the Manufacturing industry for over 30 years. His vision has always been to lead by example. David loves coming to work where he knows he is part of a winning Team.

    Hobbies:David has been married for 25 years and has 5 kids plus 5 grandchildren. In his free time, David enjoys going to the movies, travelling, and spending time with his wife.”

  • Blondie


    Mascot, Security & Brain Trust


    Blondie she has been with us since 2012. She also beats cancer & chases squirrels. Ruff Ruff!

  • Raleigh


    Mascot Jr.


    Raleigh became a part of our team when we opened our second location outside of Raleigh, NC in 2016. Raleigh takes on the emotional support role and is glad to be a part of the MGM team!

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